Les Liens Créativité de la Semaine #4


Ouverture à l’expérience, relation passé/futur, psychologie différentielle : Notre sélection hebdomadaire de liens sur la créativité.

17 décembre 2016

Sélection de la semaine

La créativité est en évolution constante (Le Monde)

D’où vient la créativité et comment la favoriser ? Les réponses de Todd Lubart, spécialiste du sujet et professeur de psychologie différentielle à l’université Paris-Descartes.

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Navigating Into the Future or Driven by the Past (Scott Barry Kaufman) 

Much of the history of psychology has been dominated by a
framework in which people and animals are driven by the past.
In this picture, past history, present circumstance, and inner
states drive behavior, much as in a classical dynamical system
the vector sum of forces operating on and within a particle
uniquely determines its trajectory. We suggest an alternate
framework in which people and intelligent animals draw on
experience to update a branching array of evaluative prospects
that fan out before them.

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Openness to Experience and Intellect Differentially Predict Creative Achievement in the Arts and Sciences (Scott Barry Kaufman)

The Big Five personality dimension Openness/Intellect is the trait most closely associated with creativity and creative
achievement. Little is known, however, regarding the discriminant validity of its two aspects—Openness to Experience
(reflecting cognitive engagement with perception, fantasy, aesthetics, and emotions) and Intellect (reflecting cognitive engagement
with abstract and semantic information, primarily through reasoning)—in relation to creativity.

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Creativity and Schizophrenia Spectrum Disorders Across the Arts and Sciences  (Frontiers)

Researchers agree that mental illness is neither necessary nor sufficient for creativity. But is there still a significant link between the two?

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