Les Liens Créativité de la Semaine #2


Chaises, immigrants, scientifiques, artistes : notre sélection hebdomadaire de liens sur la créativité.

28 novembre 2016
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Sélection de la semaine

Can your office chair improve creativity? (

From beanbags to ballpit, a constellation of seating options greeted attendees at the TED conference in Vancouver last month. Though TED’s custom-built theater offered comfortable seats for most attendees, simulcast lounges with whimsical beach chairs and grassy knolls were often too tempting to resist.

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Are You a Scientist or an Artist?

I’m scared. I’m scared every day. Let me tell you why.

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Top Designers Share Their Secrets to Beating Creative Block

Sometimes, being creative just feels impossible.

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Are Immigrants More Creative?

A provocative claim: in any country, immigrants are statistically more likely to generate exceptionally creative works. There’s a long list of immigrant geniuses: Victor Hugo, W. H. Auden, Vladimir Nabokov, Nikolas Tesla, Marie Curie, Sigmund Freud, Albert Einstein.

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